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Bicycle garage in a business building. The owners removed three parking spots to make an oasis for bicycles. An access control system was created and charging stations set up for electric bicycles and scooters. The design of this special part of the parking space ties in to the whole Romeo i Julia business center story – the same color and graphic are on the new facade of the building.

The neon sign is on during business hours. The existing inefficient “spiral” bicycle stands were replaced with hoop stands that cyclists prefer. Potted plants and artificial grass serve to reduce the “coldness” of the garage and improve the overall impression. A see-through grid was selected to offset the claustrophobic effect of the basement.

Floor markings lead the way from the garage entrance to Bajk Park. We created a template and colored the arrows so cyclists could reach their position but also so that drivers would see warnings and look out for cyclists. We painted the existing pipes of the sprinkler system and the vents yellow which made them a key element of the whole concept.



CLIENT: Romeo i Julia Business Center

CATEGORY: Business

YEAR: 2021

STATUS: Complete

PHOTOGRAPHY: Živko Pletikapić

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