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House M6 is situated on a flat, relatively small lot with a view of the hill. The investor's request for privacy from the street led to splitting of the lot into two parts – the street part and the living room courtyard. The old brick wall that the house is cantilevered over signals a clear borderline and makes a certain genus loci of the area.

On the ground floor, right by the brick wall facing the courtyard, are a tool shed, dog house and garbage disposal room. The living room is on the opposite end of the house. With its dining room and kitchen it forms a unit that is visually fully open to the yard and swimming pool. The slope of the terrain from the street toward the inside of the lot is accompanied by a sunken living room. The children's room and bathroom upstairs sit in the cantilever to satiate a child's curiosity with a clear view of the street. The master bedroom is facing west and looking off to the hills.


LOCATION: Varaždin

CLIENT: Private

CATEGORY: Residential

YEAR: 2012

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