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You've decided to collaborate with us? Good call! Time for us to meet. In order to produce a top-quality project, it's necessary for you to meet us and for us to get familiar with your ideas and wishes. We will discuss ideas and possibilities, define the task, and choose the method of our further collaboration over a pleasant casual meeting.



Once we've assessed your wishes and goals and defined the task, we move on to detailed analysis. The next step is getting familiar with the space at hand; determining the square footage of individual rooms, estimating the investment value and consolidating technical solutions. Our main focus in this entire process is establishing what will best outline you as the investor.



We like to control every detail of the process so we document the existing space irrespective of old plans because we think there are always changes that require measuring. Precise measurements are the groundwork for new high-quality plans and an important prerequisite for a serious approach to interior design and architectural reconstruction.


This stage of the process is where the magic happens. Once we agree on ideas, wishes and resource allocation, we begin defining concepts and the schematic layout, as well as organizing the space in line with the zoning plan, local construction requirements and any specific conditions of the location.

Interior concept design involves creating a basic functional and organizational scheme. Its components include features of the proposed solution for the space with key design elements (floor plan disposition of the walls and furniture) and extend to defining the final version (suggesting base colors and materials). Once the concept design is done, we create a mood board presentation – a collage of photographs and textual excerpts that serves as an introduction to the direction of design.


To best represent our ideas and solutions and for your easier understanding of the project, we create high-quality 3D visualizations that feature 3D modeling and texturing. We put a lot of attention into crafting detailed displays of interiors and exteriors with all the necessary additions like furniture and equipment, to present you with a precise and realistic preview of your future space.


The chosen project solution is further dissected by taking into account fitting, technical, construction/physical and economic requirements up til  the final solution with a description of the interior and graphic representation of the project. Once the main project is complete, we move on to planning construction, designing and selecting furniture and equipment as well as other decorative elements. This step of the process includes the creation of plans for all elements, collecting offers and coordinating all details with contractors. We define every detail with precision using color wheels and samples of chosen materials, colors, and textures. We also specify and purchase furniture and all of the necessary equipment. Our main goal is to create a well-balanced space that meets a variety of conditions such as cost, accessibility of the chosen equipment and furniture, ease of maintenance, and durability.


Seeing as we offer various forms of collaboration, this includes the option of having us execute the construction work. This allows us to promptly present you with a complete bill of quantities so that you could plan the financial aspect of the construction project. We create a bill of quantities with descriptions of construction tasks, a list of tasks categorized by type and group as well as general and specific conditions for certain types of tasks. If you wish to hire craftsmen of your choosing, we offer assistance in communication with contractors.


If a project requires a permit, our employees take over the entire communication process with referents. You can handle tasks that are more fun. We coordinate all necessary project participants and consolidate the architectural project with project requirements of all the collaborators (statics project, electrical installations project, pipelines and drainage project, mechanical installations project, physical properties of the building project, alternative energy use survey, occupational safety survey, fire protection survey, geodetic project…).


Finally, we tackle all construction challenges under the supervision of the head project architect and the expert eye of the site manager. In order to facilitate the simplest and most seamless process possible, from design to construction, we form a team made up of construction managers, architects, and designers. Seeing as all participants are part of our company, you are exempt and protected from inconveniences and disputes. We are ready to modify plans of certain details on the spot if you deem that necessary or if you just want to make certain modifications.



We conduct the final inspection of the space together with you to make sure there are no issues with dimensions, adaptation or quality. Additionally, if you need high-quality photographs for advertising, selling or renting, we take on the task of organizing a shoot of the space. If in time you wish to make other adjustments, we are always at your service. We aspire towards long-term and high-quality collaborations even after the project is complete, mindful of the fact you will revisit us with new project like all other of our previous collaborators.

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