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DAS HAUS is a unique company that brings several professional services together for the quicker and easier realization of your business goals and visions. In one place, we have gathered all you need to reach your envisioned goals more easily. At our office, in the business zone of Radnička road in Zagreb, our team handles architectural planning, interior design and construction.

Architectural and interior design are conducted by a professional team that focuses on residential and business architecture and designs interiors, furniture and equipment. A highly qualified construction team specializes in construction and craft work, both interior and exterior, with over 250 successfully completed projects.

The office was founded by David-Martin Jurin and Davorin Radošević, each with a master's degree in architectural engineering. After gathering experience working on various projects over many years, they decided to join forces and start an office together, where they could apply their acquired knowledge and offer their vision to future clients.

David acquired his first construction site experience in his teenage years. He gained initial knowledge about all stages of construction work very early on and fell in love with his future profession. Further professional education, living abroad and his foreign language proficiency enabled him to explore the most modern technology on the market. David takes the most pleasure in creating unusual details of technical solutions.

Davorin has loved art and technology since he was little. Art and technical education classes were his favorite pursuits since his youngest days. He chose his path very early on and developed an affinity for architecture for bringing together the seemingly incompatible domains of science and art. After completing his higher education, Davorin honed in on researching new architectural fields and lifelong learning, attending architecture symposia in Europe and the US regularly.

At our office, in the business zone of Radnička road in Zagreb, our team handles architectural design, interior design and construction. In one place, we have brought together all you need to reach your envisioned goals more easily.

We consider each project a new challenge requiring detailed analysis and a research-oriented approach that enables us to deliver a high-quality product and provide the client with as much information as possible, so they could be sure they are getting the best solution.

The years of successful work behind us are a testament to our responsibility and dedication to clients, who always end up coming back with new projects. You, too, can come to us with confidence and without any doubts about the quality and innovation of our projects.


Dedication to clients is our top priority – we will help you find what you’re looking for and make suggestions that will help uncover all the benefits a space can create.

The spaces we work on all offer a creative yet calming ambient and are adapted in tune with your ambitions. Led by respect for our clients, we approach the environment the same way and strive to create environmentally sustainable architecture with an emphasis on natural materials.


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