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The lot is located on the slopes of Medvednica in the northwest of Zagreb. The entrance is on the north side. The backyard is large and slopes southwards with an unobstructed view of the city and greenery. The house consists of two volumes, one black and one white. Since the north section of the lot is irregular in shape, the garage was rotated in relation to the house for easier access from the street. The living room space is south-facing at a maximal distance from the street.

Because the downward slope is facing south, one gets a beautiful view of the city, unobstructed by tree tops in the green part of the yard. The living room hovers over the slope, providing cover for the basement summer kitchen. The basement wall is faced with brick that was found on the spot among remnants of the old ruin. The bedroom area is 20 cm lower than the living area, which is achieved with a ramp in the central communication axis and creates an interesting dynamic of movement from the entrance – a descent into the living room, leading up to the opening of the large south-facing glass wall. The stairs lead from the living room down to the basement and the upper and lower patio are are also connected with stairs, so there is a circular link.



CLIENT: Private

CATEGORY: Residential

YEAR: 2020

STATUS: Under construction

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