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The office is situated on the sixteenth floor of the business center in Cibona Tower in Zagreb. Due to the speed of construction, there is no drop ceiling so electrical wiring needed to be handled  in an unusual way. The north rooms have cables installed onto the wall while the south section has a duct with all necessary cables, which can be lowered to the desks for use. This enables the place to be flexible. The duct is also used for lighting, including indirect light pointed up at the ceiling. The existing air conditioning units and radiator heaters were painted over. A cladding of waterproof plywood was set up next to the heaters to achieve an interesting detail – a blend of parapets, windows and cladding, due to the request to keep the original heaters.

The floors are made of poured concrete with no joints for ease of maintenance. Since we kept the original door, we painted them over and marked each room with a different nautical motif. The irregular pattern on the glass walls is repeated on the hallway mirror as well as the kitchen table and radiator cladding. The conference room closet door doubles as a whiteboard. Perforated tin conceals the existing piping inside the closet. Wall carpeting was added to the smaller meeting rooms for better acoustics. Existing tiles were removed from the sanitary facilities and the walls were done with no joints.

LOCATION: Zagreb, Cibona Tower, 16th floor

CLIENT: Syntio

CATEGORY: Business

YEAR: 2019

STATUS: Complete

PHOTOGRAPHY: Živko Pletikapić


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