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One of our earliest works. The space is located on the third floor of an apartment building. It was built in the early twentieth century. That means the interior's remodeling started one hundred years later, so construction required special attention. The space was repurposed and adapted for the work of a polyclinic. The execution was quite challenging because of this change in function and because the designer details needed to be perfected in agreement with the project architect. There were barely any deviations from the project.

Each room of the polyclinic needed access to hot and cold water and drains needed to be added through the existing floor structure made up of timber joists. The electrical installations came with their own demands but no surprises there. The building wasn't earthed so we added  a new earthing by placing a rod in the yard of the building and creating an alternative current flow.

The ceilings were a unique challenge. The ceiling air conditioning unit was lower than the window so the latter needed to be “broken“ into five section. Each has a different slope and shape and there is a tin duct for lighting installations between them. The heater cladding was custom-made with 2 mm sheet metal. An oak parquet was installed in the clinic rooms, while the lobby and kitchen feature poured concrete floors.


CLIENT: Hrvoje Vražić, Đivo Ljubičić


YEAR: 2012

STATUS: Complete

PROJECT: Ida Križaj

PHOTOGRAPHY: Jure Živković


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