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The original reception of a business building on Radnička road in Zagreb was not meeting the employees' needs. It was taking up too much space and was simultaneously a windbreak, which makes for an uncomfortable situation for the clerk. Conceptually, everything that wasn't necessary was removed and the necessary was brought down to a minimum. That is how the space was maximized and decluttered.


The windbreak was placed in front of the existing entrance and lockers were built into the storage. The storage door is at wall level and covered with wallpaper. The closet behind the desk conceals vents and enables the storing of larger packages. The stone on the counter covers all of the screens. Below the counter are shelves and drawers. Five different types of lighting ensure flexible light use depending on the time of day or year. The windbreak features olive trees and rosemary which make for a unique olfactory experience when entering the building.


CLIENT: Romeo i Julia business center

CATEGORY: Business

YEAR: 2019

STATUS: Complete

PHOTOGRAPHY: Živko Pletikapić

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