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The office space is designed in industrial style. The walls, columns and ceilings are stripped down to concrete, with exposed vents and electric cables. The result was a combination of gray and yellow furniture and raw unprocessed concrete, glass, metal and wooden materials. The space is split into several open work zones and the larger and smaller conference rooms were partitioned with clear walls made of glass and metal, so that light could penetrate the whole office and for added privacy.

The entrance leads into the lounge, kitchen with dining room and so that the work zones would have their peace. The small sofas in the lounge are custom-made for flexibility of use. They can be re-arranged for lectures in which case the projection screen is lowered from the ceiling. The kitchen is large, with excellent functionality and its parallel design creates the impression of airiness and transparency. The vinyl floor is soft and pleasant, strongly reminiscent of metal tiles but silent when stepped on. The same material, but as a roll, was used for the toilet floor. The walls can be washed but there are no tiles. Everything was made without joints for easier maintenance. There is a shower next to the toilets made with matching colors and materials.




CATEGORY: Business

YEAR: 2021

STATUS: Under construction

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